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Fee Structure

Monthly Tution Fees
+3 Arts/ Com. (Pass) Rs. 9.00 +3 Sc. Rs. 10.00
+3 Arts/Com (Hons.) Rs. 12.00 +3 Sc. (Hons.) Rs. 13.00
Fees Payable at the time of Admission / Readmission
Tuition Fees for June & July
Admission Fee (equal to one month’s Tuition Fee)
University Fees
Registration Fee Rs. 50.00
Recognition Fee (CHSE Passed) Rs. 10.00
Recognition Fee (other than CHSE(O) Passed Rs. 25.00
Sports Fee Rs. 20.00
Exam. Enrolment Fee Rs. 50.00
College Exam Fees Rs. 30.00
Students Union Rs. 25.00
Common Room Subscription Rs. 15.00
Dramatic Club Subscription Rs. 20.00
Day Scholar’s Association Rs. 15.00
Fee for Abstract of Attendance Rs. 5.00
Youth Red Cross Fee Rs. 10.00
Fee for Identity Card Rs. 50.00
Annual Athletic Meet Rs. 15.00
Athletic Equipment and Inter–College participation Rs. 20.00
College Magazine Rs. 30.00
College Calendar Rs. 15.00
Literary Societies Rs. 5.00
Monthly Development Fee Rs. 30.00
Lab. Dev . Fee / Maintenance (for +3 Sc. 1st Yr. IInd Yr. IIIrd Yr.) Rs. 150.00
Computer Dev. Fee Rs. 50.00
Proctorial Fee Rs. 4.00
Society (Com/Arts/Sc.) Fee Rs. 15.00
General Maintenance Rs. 70.00
Library Dev. Fee Rs. 30.00
Fee for Cycle Stand Rs. 20.00
Students Safety Insurance Fee Rs. 2.00
College Election Rs. 10.00
S.S.G. Rs. 15.00
N.C.C. Fee Rs. 5.00
Time Table & Lesson Plan Rs. 5.00
Music Club Rs. 5.00
Electricity Fee Rs. 50.00
Planning Forum Rs. 1.00
Staff Welfare Fund Rs. 5.00
Seminar +3 Rs.100.00
Conference / Seminar Fee Rs.100.00
Development Fees
In addition to the above,Development Fee is collected at the time of admission as follows
Class Development Fee
+3 Arts Ist Year Rs. 1100.00
+3 Commerce Ist Year Rs. 1150.00
+3 Science Ist Year Rs. 1200.00
Development Fee in IInd & IIIrd yr. at the time of admission is 50% of the amount collected at the time of First Admission.
Other Fees Payable To The College
For College Leaving Certificate
(to be issued on or after second day of application)
(To be issued on the same day- Urgent case)
Rs. 15.00
Rs. 50.00
Duplicate Marksheet Rs. 10.00
Continuation-cum-conduct Certificate Rs. 10.00
Fee for Duplicate Identity Card Rs. 10.00
Fee for Duplicate Library Card Rs. 10.00