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  1. Providing context relevant Education
  2. Ensuring continuous quality improvement of the faculty members
  3. Providing services to the locality through extension and outreach activities
  4. Ensuring environmental safety in the locality


“Achieve excellence in education for socio-economic and cultural upliftment of the society”


  • Heritage
  • Governance
  • Autonomy
  • Faculty
  • Transparency
  • Examinations and Evaluation
  • Infrastructure
  • Alumni
  • Inclusiveness and diversity
  • Less opportunity for advanced interdisciplinary courses for the students.
  • Lack of adequate supporting staff
  • Lack of public transport facilities near to the campus
  • Not a residential campus
  • Geographical advantage
  • Non-Government aided college. UGC 2(F) status
  • Proximity to industrial, trade and research centres
  • Employment opportunities
  • New Education Policy
  • Access to academic facilities
  • Availability of land
  • Unable to design and implement new programmes
  • Lack of adequate Government funding
  • Staff pattern
  • Placement


The institute owes its origin from efforts of academicians with industrial back ground. It is dedicated to the services of the people residing in the industrial town of Rourkela with dense tribal population.

The institute has a well structured governing body to take all the administrative and developmental decision for the college. Further, the college is being funded by government therefore all the government rules are followed for the discipline in the college and finally the institute is affiliated to the Sambalpur University which governs the academic matter.

The institute has the privilege of being Autonomous from the year 2009-10. This allows the college to conducts all its academic activities such as examination, question paper setting, Evaluation, independently

The faculty members are well educated and selected through a tough process of selection by government agencies. Out of 44 faculties most of them are UGC NET qualified and 5 of them have Ph. D. Degree.

The management of the college are very transparent. The major decisions are taken in a democratic manner in the academic council and Governing body. The admissions are completely transparent through online SAMS portal. The Examination and the evaluation process are also highly transparent.

Examinations and Evaluation
The examination in the institute is self regulated and conducted with utmost transparency. The institute has a panel of experts to set the question at every semester and the examination sheets are evaluated through the pre defined external examiners. The publication of the results is also computerised and student can access their results from the college website.

The institute has well developed infrastructure to cater its academic and extracurricular activities. We regularly spend on the infrastructure development by utilising our own fund as well as funds received from IDP scheme of the government. We have smart class-rooms, library, science laboratory, open air auditorium, gymnasium, and play ground for sports

Having a long existence of more than 40 years the college has produced thousands of alumni who are serving the society in different position. Many of them are involved in the college development activity. They come to deliver talks to the existing students and motivate them to excel in their life.

Inclusiveness and diversity
Having situated in a tribal dominated district of Odisha the institute is providing services to all categories of the society. In the staff composition of the institute a diversified composition is observed.


Less opportunity for advanced interdisciplinary courses for the students
Although the institute is a Autonomous institute still its power are limited to investment in infrastructure to provide new advanced interdisciplinary courses for the students.

Lack of adequate supporting staff
The number of supporting staff required for the smooth functioning of the non teaching activitites is not sufficient. The number of staffs required to increase for looking after the garden, and maintaining sanitisation of the institute.

Lack of public transport facilities near to the campus
The campus is situated two kilometres away from the main ring road of the town. No public transport is available to reach the college. Therefore the students not having their own vehicle are facing the problem of reaching the campus comfortably

Not a residential campus
The campus is a basically a day Scholar campus. This is a great problem for the institute as well as for the student. They cannot stay in the campus for long hours to involve in various experiential learning frequently.


Geographical advantage
The college is situated in the splendid greenery bound bank of Koel River. The campus has hundreds of large teak tree along with other valuable trees. This provides a calm and clean environment for teaching and learning activity.

Non-Government aided college. UGC 2(F) status
Though the college is a non-government college it is being aided by the government regarding the staff salary and various other infrastructural developments. Thus the college has the opportunity to explore new areas in the education service.

Proximity to industrial, trade and research centres
Rourkela being the steel city it is also the hub of other allied industries. This provides a huge opportunity for the college to get a healthy industry academia relationship that will benefit both the party as well as the society. Along with the industry Rourkela is also home to the national level reputed organisation like NIT and IIPM. They can provide assistance in the research work to the institute.

Employment opportunities
The college can collaborate with various industries available in and around Rourkela and take the opportunity to place the student.

New Education Policy
The introduction of the new education policy enhances the opportunity to serve the need of the student in a more dynamic and meaningful manner.


Availability of land
The land of the college is mostly leased lands from the SAIL. This becomes a hindrance in the growth of the college as it cannot get fund from the various funding agencies for infrastructure for constructing new avenues.

Unable to design and implement new programmes
The institution even if wishes to start new courses but the process of the approval are very long and difficult.

Lack of adequate Government funding
The government is providing funding regarding the staff payment but the funding with respect to infrastructural development is not regular and adequate. The institute have high degree of challenges with respect to funds for the infrastructure development.

Staff pattern
The employment patterns of the staff are highly diversified. This becomes a great challenge for the management ot achieve co-ordination among them and keeping them motivated to work with a united mind and healthy spirit.

The placement of the students are a great challenge for the college as the knowledge, skill acquired at the under graduate stage of the learning is not adequate to be appointed at a corporate organization.

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